Timing is everything

Timing and synchronisation is an invisible utility that underpins our modern society. It is used literally everywhere: from the simple watch to advanced technologies such as GPS, LTE and 5G.


Innovative solutions for timing and sync

Whether you are looking to improve timing resiliency of your timing distribution chain, or thinking of ways to boost performance of your legacy GNSS based timing source, we have a solution.


Timing is everywhere

National Timing Grid

Are you looking to boost resiliency of your time distribution chain, or needing accurate monitor of ePRTC clock?

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Performance improvements of legacy single band GNSS receivers

Do you want to meet the latest timing requirements (ITU-T PRTC-B performance), but don’t want to change your legacy infrastructure (GNSS antenna and cabling)?

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Improving performance and resiliency of GNSS throughout jamming incidents

Are your timing devices near a major road, or close to areas that experience jamming or other GNSS signal interference?

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Customers and Participants of National Timing Grid of Ireland


Meet the

Zdenek Chaloupka


Timing Solutions’ director, Zdenek Chaloupka, has spent more than 12 years in PNT industry and academia. His focus has been in the timing and sync area: starting low in the time distribution chain by designing algorithms for packet-based time synchronization using IEEE 1588v2 PTP protocol and moving up to design algorithms for Global Navigation Satellite System timing receiver.

Before starting Timing Solutions Ltd, Zdenek had been with u-blox AG acting as a Head of Timing Product Team. During his time with u-blox, he helped define new features for timing products, and then drove research, development, integration, and production of GNSS based time transfer GNSS modules/chips. He also served as an ITU-T delegate for standardization – driving u-blox’s standardization strategies for timing products – and giving him an opportunity to understand requirements of telecommunication sector. Timing Solutions Ltd collaborates closely with NSAI NML (Dr. David Fleming) and Institute of Metrology of Bosnia and Herzegovina (IMBIH – Sani Šarčević) on the first version of the NTG system, and helps NSAI NML maintain their reference time standard – UTC(NSAI).

Our Expertise

Time synchronisation and time distribution mechanisms including Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) Receivers for Timing and network based protocols, e.g., IEEE 1588v2 PTP.

Deep knowledge of GNSS algorithms and software related to Positioning, Navigation and Timing.

Timing resiliency concepts and methods.


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“Timing Solutions is our trusted partner for National Timing Grid of Ireland initiative. NSAI NML also relies on Timing Solutions’ exceptional expertise for maintaining Ireland’s reference time – UTC(NSAI).”

Dr David Fleming

Technical Manager – Time, Frequency & Acoustics・NSAI NML