National Timing Grid Monitoring Service

Security and resiliency of Critical Infrastructure have become focus of companies and governments recently, due to geopolitical issues around the world. Since time and its distribution are key components that underpin Critical Infrastructure’s systems, companies and governments are looking for systems that can introduce a level of resiliency for time and its distribution.

Our product, National Timing Grid Monitoring Service, NTG in short, offers a complete monitoring and alert system that observes fundamental time and timing distribution components and provides near real time tracking of the time distribution system performance and stability.

Web-based GUI that helps customers visualise accuracy of their time sources.

NTG node measures client’s timing source against Global Navigation Satellite Signals, which allows to compare them with highly stable atomic clocks.

The NTG service had been deployed in Ireland as a cooperation between multiple entities: Timing Solutions Ltd, National Standards Authority of Ireland National Metrology Lab (NSAI NML), Data Edge Ltd, Vodafone, Eir, Irish Rail, ESB Networks, and Microchip (Cork Laboratory).

NTG monitoring system is based on using space-based signals, primarily Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), to compare fundamental timing sources (atomic clocks, Primary Reference Timing Clocks, NTP/PTP packet-based clocks, etc.) with a selected reference. NTG system offers best in class accuracy by utilizing Galileo’s superior on-board clocks. Timing Solutions Ltd is the sole system owner and operator, providing HW, SW, and all related know-how/IP for the NTG system.

Zdenek Chaloupka, Founder of Timing Solutions, explains NTG Monitoring Service concept in the vide below. If you would like more detail, please have a look at the following slides, which also show detail some practical examples of usefulness of NTG Monitoring Service.