GNSS Performance Improvements

Transition of mobile networks from 4G to 5G brings tighter requirements on the synchronization accuracy of telecom devices starting from radio heads and base stations all the way down to the core network. Since many network operators have updated their sync equipment recently, upgrading yet again outside of the device’s lifetime cycle means extra costs. Note that the new sync equipment will require updates to installation (antenna replacement) further increasing costs and infrastructure down time.

Timing Solutions Ltd has developed two solutions that enable improved sync accuracy on legacy timing sources: Simple and Full solution. Since our solutions can be deployed remotely through a simple firmware update we can help network operators optimise costs and speed up roll out of 5G mobile networks. Imagine that your network can have Immediate infrastructure upgrade with no changes to equipment and antenna installations, and hence minimising risks, costs, and base station down time.

Our solutions can be enabled locally (on a host platform) or as a remote service: Timing as a Service.

Below are results from a measurement campaign that lasted about 15 days. Two legacy single band GNSS receivers were measured against NSAI NML’s UTC(NSAI) reference time.

Note that the both our solutions are receiver independent, and can be deployed on any receiver.